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Javed Miandad arrival Hockey Federation

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javed  maindad(by raja ibrar)National sports including hockey Olympians bananas all have to contribute every Pakistani
cricket in the Hockey talent is immense
Javed Miandad
Cricket Dawn’s arrival Hockey Federation Akhtar Rasool Rana Mujahid Wel comed congratulations to both trip down memory lan,he said

On this occasion while talking to championspk said that Pakistan cricket legend and Olympian hockey memories are pleasant with

He said on the occasion of the national game of cricket than hockey so I am enormously fond of the national game of Pakistan reached its peak again

Earlier, Akhtar Rasool and Rana Mujahid Hockey office welcomed them and discussed with them about sports, which

And Banana while hockey boost the appeal of sponsoring the National Federation of interest in the game and help lower the occasion and all the hockey Olympians have to work

One response to “Javed Miandad arrival Hockey Federation”

  1. Shakeel Khan says:

    Good for sports and remember of legends cricket and Hockey players you do more for

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