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Wrestlers’ wrestlers on wrestlers’ wrestlers

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(Championspk)What exactly is a “wrestlers’ wrestler”?

The vague term is often employed by color commentators, ring veterans and historians to identify certain performers that practice their craft in a very specific manner.
But does a “wrestlers’ wrestler” refer to a performer’s adaptability in the ring, their knowledge of styles, their toughness or none of the above? set out to learn what a “wrestler’s wrestler” actually is by talking with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, William Regal and other men in the WWE locker room who are often referred to as such. They each spoke in-depth about the men they look up to as “wrestlers’ wrestlers.” And each of these “wrestlers’ wrestlers” gave their own definitions – some similar to others’, some completely divergent of their peers’ views. But one thing’s for sure: these guys know their stuff.

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