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In Pakistan with Corruption billions of Violation of the rights of youth Competitions

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1 (1)(By Raja Ibrar)espite so much damage , it who were given just Millions were pouring water damage and sponsored national treasure and Despite so much damage , it who were given just ,We have sponsors for the expenses ,Whom we will try to accommodate,
Indeed a day focusing on laurels to the country itself, unnamed (4)but because of the huge pitfalls sponsors loss for national treasures and is, Millions
Provincial Minister for Sports and Education Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan and Director General Sports Board Punjab (SBP) Mr. Usman Anwar in a press conference at National Hockey Stadium lawns on Tuesday. “There was a capacity of 175,000 in Punjab University New Campus Ground but the enthusiastic Youth of Punjab showed great passion and the number of registered aspirants reached to 400,000, that’s why we have to halt the great attempt.” Mr. Minister explained. “It was not an easy decision for us. There was a huge threat of blockage in the entire city due to the mega event. The five hospitals around the venue could also have been disturbed,” he elaborated. Mr. Minister further added, “The new venue will be finalised with the consultation of GWR representatives, But mater is that finally got past the world record for guessing that so much was not experienced ,
Minister sports rana Mashood and DG a(SBP)Usman Anwar in a press conference on Tuesday We are going to make 28 attempts for Guinness World Records in the next few days,” he asserted. He informed that Pakistan’s World Record for the Largest Human Flag has been verified by the Guinness World Record (GWR) team officially. The GWR has updated the great feat at its official website -On February 15, 2014, Pakistan broke the record with the participation of 28,957 youngsters here at the National Hockey Stadium, Lahore under the banner of the Punjab Youth Festival. “The opening ceremony of upcoming Inter-provincial Games will be a gigantic event. Around 60,000 individuals will make an attempt to break the
In the past, finally2011 What happened was suppressed but Truth can be suppressed over time can not be
Corruption billions of Sports Festival Violation of the rights of youth Competitions and fake coaches blessed favor with government officials through,427077_393433777351209_861592207_n
Then continue with the work, and Punjab Youth Policy to be launched today June 6, 2012 at 7:37am development
NAME ……..projects and sports events, helping them play their due role in nation building. “Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif will unfold the ambitious policy today a historic moment in the country’s history,” said Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan at. Punjab Sports Secretary
October 2, 2013 at 1:01am
AGEN 3 20013 pakistan Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif during his address to the nation are not only important for youth but for the whole nation. Talking to a private news channel,he expressed regret that youth were an valuable asset of Pakistan and they comprised a larger portion of the country but their services were not being utilized properly. Baligh ur Rehman said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has announced education,training and laptop scheme for youth besides providing them loans, so that they may be well-equipped to compete the international communit
unnamed (6)Unfortunately, Pakistan’s most popular games including cricket, hockey and football the world’s most popular sports to ignore known clinical knowledge of the youth program, the Prime Minister made ​​to the Arabs viewed at the excellent results so far failed to

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